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Our Purpose

The Institute for Conversational Leadership was created as a response to the extreme challenges confronting leaders in all sectors, to enable individuals to meet the complexities and stresses of the organizational world while living a life worth living at the centre of all the effort.

It is a means for both leaders and practitioners to take the essential spirit of David Whyte’s thought and philosophy into their organizations and their individual lives, to extend the artistry and originality of his work. The Institute is also a "live" forum for the development of new thought and practices in the area of conversational leadership that can be developed, evolved and applied to the everyday.

To this end, The Institute for Conversational Leadership creates tailored programs for organizations large and small, with a view to reframing and transforming the understanding and practice of leadership through the medium of courageous conversations. These conversations occur not only between individuals but between the organization and its future, its customers and its constituent parts. For the individual leader there is a great emphasis on self-knowledge, the tools to enable a deeper understanding of others and the interpersonal skills that bring them both together.

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our purpose

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