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Walter Berghoef

We are used to working in the context of harder and smarter. Besides content, much attention goes into conversations on effectiveness and efficiency. Now it is time to work hart (Dutch for heart) and open up the conversations on essential topics.

Walter facilitates conversations with the outside world, between co-workers and each individual's conversation with themselves.

Walter Photo

With a degree in Business Studies, Walter entered into the domain of marketing communication in the ICT industry, working for KPN and AT&T. From there, he moved to consulting in 1995, working for US based firms such as Cisco Systems and BMC, serving in a European network structure dealing with a variety of cultures, mainly focusing on identity and corporate strategy. In 1999, he changed his course of work during a five month stay in California with his family. Subsequently, he developed his own approach to culture, leadership and working together issues. He now offers a broad variety of programs as an independent, with the Hartwerken Groep and in association with the Dutch educational center De Baak. In these contexts, he has worked for a wide variety of organizations, such as ABN- AMRO, Peugeot, Amsterdam Medical Center, Province Overijssel, Dutch Bank and Royal Dutch Army. He has an explicit focus on themes such as trust, safety, responsibility, courage and fulfillment. He is known for his intensity, depth and clarity on both individual and organizational levels.

Since 2007, Walter has hosted David Whyte in the Netherlands, and was asked to participate in the Institute for Conversational Leadership for his wide experience in design and facilitation, as well as his access to the European market. Through poetry Walter has gained a deeper understanding of the power of language to illuminate the inner world.

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